Here I am, telling you about how in God’s name I got to do what I love the most. Modelling has been my main priority the last 2 years. I love how I get to spend every other weekend at the studio or at a location shooting. But I guess you are wondering: how did you get into it? Well… let’s talk about the beginning of something new.

“I did know that this was something I wanted to do, but there was always something that held me back.”

The start

I was not always this open for the modelling world. It took me time, motivation, and confidence to get to do what I do. I did know that this was something I wanted to do, but there was always something that held me back. I knew the modelling world was not easy, there are standards you must follow, and you need be a certain way to fit in. Truth must be said too, it can be cruel. I did not have the weight and I certainly did not have the height to be a super model. I lost weight, but I stayed petite. But o well.

Photo Model vs Fashion Model

There is a different between a Photo Model and a Fashion Model. I am a photo model because I don’t do catwalks and just do photoshoots to fill in my portfolio, which you can find here on my blog too, and photoshoots when asked for it. For example, clothing lines and glasses. I did get invitations for catwalks from agencies that do not look after how tall you are. However, I just decided catwalks are not for me.

Growing up with a model

My sister is the Gigi of the Hadids. Long legs, skinny, beautiful, exotic and a aspiring Fashion Model. I saw her doing photoshoots at the age of 16 and really thriving in the modelling world. I remember that I loved going with her to shoots or even rehearsals for catwalk and that is when it hit me like a
rock. Maybe this was something for me. I loved taking selfies (yes, this was a sign for me) and I just started. Lost weight, went to the gym 7/7, ate salads for over a year and threw myself in that world. We’ve been modelling for Opticoop for over two years now. Have done shoots with photographers such as Marnik Vercaigne, Jurgen Casselman and many more.

‘We are eachothers biggest fans, my sister and I”

Lisa Lievens
By Opticoop

Getting real with it

My first photoshoot was something exciting, I even got paid for it: WHAT! My very first time even got me a cover on a magazine: DOUBLE WHAT! Lisa, my sister, was already modelling for Opticoop at that time and I overheard her saying that they needed one more model. I remember me yelling: ‘I can!’. No regrets. The streets of Ghent saw me modelling and even the Chinese tourists have my face on their camara roll. Exciting, right? This was 4 Opticoop photoshoots ago and to this day I love going in that studio

“Modeling is not just beauty and smile, it takes boldness and style.”

Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words


Maybe I should tell you about the why I do it. Modelling for me has become an escape. The feeling you get when shooting is almost indescribable. You feel confident, you feel pretty and beautiful and a real power woman. And the whole room is focused on you and that is what I want. Sounds weird, isn’t it? The preparation before a shoot is also a whole show: searching for a theme, searching for the right clothes, location, make-up. It is exciting, believe me.

The perks to it all

I already mentioned that not everything is what it seems. This industry can be cruel and there are perks about being a model. The expectations are high. You have to be this specific height to be a catwalk model, and I do remember my dad telling me: ‘you can be a hand model, they don’t see your
height there!’ I even considered it, jokes aside. I don’t see it necessarily with me. But my sister who wants to be the next Gigi Hadid has been confronted with her height. Lisa is 1m68, 2 centimeter too little. At the other hand, I shouldn’t try to fit in that world for the reason I am 1m60. You read that right, very petite indeed.


If you are the one searching for motivation: just do it! You are everything you think you are. You will not see me tell you how much you need to weigh (I eat like a cow, btw) or how skinny your waist needs to be to look like Bella Hadid. For now on I decided to steal Nike’ slogan but with a twist: DO

For you, the one reading this, let me guide you virtually into this world. But I have a lot tips and tricks I want to share with you. Motivate you is my main goal. Your height nor your weight should not stand in your way. Finally, after reading this I want you to be more motivated because even if I am 1m60, I did made it.

If you are here to get a sign of the why you should be modelling, I believe and assure you that you are at the right place. Stay around and let me help you. Next week, I will be taking you to one of my shoots and will be showing you what goes on before that day so you can have a vision.

See you at shoots?

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